Your Pathway from Registered Nurse to Paramedic

Working as a Registered Nurse is an incredibly rewarding experience, one that brings with it a variety of incredible skills and knowledge that applies itself to other areas of the health services industry. But what happens when you want to change career paths? Do you have to start from scratch?

If you want to make the change from Registered Nurse to Paramedic, Wilson Medic One can help you seamlessly transition into your new career path with our bridging program.

Make the most of your skills

Through your studies and experiences in being a Registered Nurse, it goes without saying that you possess many great qualities that will contribute to a successful career as a paramedic. For that reason, our bridging program ensures that these skills are recognised, allowing you to build on your existing skills and knowledge in the process.

Available online, face to face or as an external course, our Registered Nurse to Paramedic bridging program is nationally recognised as a qualification that equips graduates with the ability to work as an emergency and non-emergency paramedic for both State Ambulance authorities and private companies.

You decide your own path

With this program under your belt, there are a variety of different pathways you can take towards achieving your career goals. Not only does our bridging program provide you with the opportunity to work as a paramedic, but also facilitates a wide range of career prospects with roles such as emergency services officer, event medic, ambulance officer or transport attendant. This leaves a lot of room for career growth and allows you to find something that you absolutely love.

Why choose a career as a paramedic?

Being a paramedic is an extremely rewarding career choice where you become a respected and much-needed pillar of the community. If you are someone who thrives in high pressure situations and feels your best when you’re providing exceptional care to those who need it, this is certainly the career for you.

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