Natural Lupin Seed Extract Could Treat Diabetes

New research by Curtin University has revealed that a food supplement is in development that could be more effective in tackling diabetes than pharmaceutical medication. Diabetes Melitis refers to the condition where the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin, which, in turn, raises blood glucose levels too high. This form of diabetes is commonly referred to as type II diabetes. This is according to the research team who have shown that, broken down, Lupin seed could be used to stimulate insulin secretion in cells. This solution could be put into a drink or as part of a yogurt based product to help lower the peak blood glucose after a meal.

What are Lupin Seeds?

Part of the Lupinus genus, these seeds are yellow legume seeds that are typically eaten as a pickled snack food in Mediterranean and Latin American countries. As an edible bean, they are unique, as they are devoid of starch and can act as an antioxidant due to the large amount of Vitamin E present. Australian grown Sweet Lupin also features higher calcium and phosphate levels than other cereals, depending on the soil it is grown in.

Research discovers the Lupin Seeds effect

The University run a five-year test in their laboratory of the extract and found that the breakup of the seed could trigger the secretion of the insulin hormone, which would counteract the issues associated with type II diabetes. The research explained that a lack of insulin leads to a worsening of the diabetic’s condition and can have associated damages. In healthy or normal body, glucose levels can be regulated at higher levels and easily moderated. In those with diabetes, this doesn’t get regulated and can lead to severe damage to organs, as well as other issues within the body.

The future of diabetes treatment?

While research is still ongoing as the supplement continues to be refined, researchers are optimistic after the initial research has been carried out. It has the added benefit of being a natural ingredient which means it is readily available. Some patients have already used the Lupin Seed to help the effects of their diabetes and have claimed success with such a move. With typical drug trials taking 10 to 15 years, researchers are confident the extract could hit the market much sooner than this and the University has been in talks with Western Australian farmers of the product to help continue to advance the project.

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