Why Health Courses Are About More Than Just Your Wellbeing

When you think of health training courses, chances are that you immediately think of the benefits of knowing how to prevent and treat a range of urgent medical issues. While this is certainly an important motivating factor, the truth is that there are many ways that this training can benefit your everyday life.

It looks great on a CV

Being trained in First Aid, CPR, mental health awareness or any other commonly used workplace skill makes all the difference to your CV. Highly trained employees are a great addition to any professional environment, as it increases safety in situations where someone may be injured or in need of urgent medical attention. It also facilitates a more comfortable work environment where employees feel safe and secure, as they know a trained member of staff is there to help if anything goes wrong. For these reasons and many more, employers are likely to look favourably on your health and safety training throughout the hiring process.

It can lead to a career in the health services industry

While a short course may not seem like much of a game-changer to begin with, many people find that they enjoy them so much that they choose to pursue a career in the health services industry. Being a healthcare professional can come in many forms – from nursing to paramedicine to patient transport officers – but first and foremost they entail caring for others. A first aid course could give you your first taste of that, leading you to a rewarding career that you will love.

Increases job satisfaction

Being qualified to care for others in an emergency will not only increase your confidence in urgent situations, but it can help to increase your job satisfaction as well. Qualifications have been shown to make employees feel more motivated in their positions, as well as more valued and supported by their organisation. The more specialised knowledge you have, the more you feel you have to give to the people around you – and this can have a great effect on your professional mindset.


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