What it Means to become an Authorised Drug and Alcohol Screening Officer

In an effective workplace banned substances are controlled. This screening helps to create a safer workplace for your staff. It also creates an environment where those who are employed are working at an optimum level that is not being affected by drugs or alcohol. An authorised drug and alcohol screening officer’s job is vital in the implementation and professional execution of a screening program. This ensures your workplace is free from hazards, protected and helps to regulate your staff. This discourages them from taking banned substances while performing their duties within a workplace.

What are banned substances

As with any company, there are standard substances that are restricted which can be tested for.  Conducted using urine or oral fluid, tests can search for the following drugs:

·         Cannabis
·         Opiates
·         Methamphetamines
·         Amphetamines
·         Benzodiazepines
·         Cocaine

These substances have the potential to be a hazard in the workplace, even if they are not necessarily consumed on the premises. That’s why it is imperative that a workplace has regular screening to ensure employees are not taking substances that will affect their work performance and the safety of those around them. These tests should also be carried in a prompt and organised manner as to minimise confusion and delays to work.

Why a qualification is necessary

Carrying out drug testing with an authorised drug and alcohol screening officer is imperative to collecting samples in a workplace legally. Due to the nature of the qualification, those who undertake it are authorised to collect pathology samples other than blood. If a sample taken by an officer is found to be positive the result is then confirmed via blood wok. This qualification is desirable for anyone in an organisation such as managers, supervisors, site medical staff or those who are a part of the screening process of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

A level of responsibility

This role is suited towards someone who cares about workplace safety and the ongoing health of their staff. Becoming an authorised drug and alcohol screening officer requires the individual to complete a suitable course that will result in a nationally recognised statement of attainment for HLTPAT304D. This training allows the participant competency in the area and greater powers within the work place to complete this form of screening. This qualification also gives an officer greater knowledge in client care, labelling and storage as well as proper documentation techniques.

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