What First Aid Course Do I Need?

If you’re looking to truly make a difference, you may like to consider a first aid course. But what’s involved in that? First aid is a broad term referring to any initial intervention for a person suffering from illness or injury, usually by a layperson. There are numerous lines of thought as to what is the most effective form of first aid, but fundamentally different techniques are going to suit different people and what’s the best first aid course for you will depend on a lot of factors. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the different forms of first aid available and try to determine which course is going to be most useful for your unique circumstances. Read on to learn more.

Different for home and work

Accidents can happen anywhere, but depending on whether you’re in the home, at your workplace or out with friends, a first responder will need to have different skills. Determining what kind of training you need will largely depend on the range of threats in your space, so consider what the most common risks in each space are. For example, the most likely threats a person could face at home including choking, falls, burns, poisoning and knife cuts. Equally, a workplace such as a construction site or a factory is going to have a lower chance of choking and a higher chance of crushing injuries, chemical burns and overexertion. Taking a close look at your surroundings will help inform what kind of first aid course you sign up for.

Depending on your environment

From there we can get even more specific. As different environments are going to call for different responses, it may even be valuable for you to specialise in your first aid training. A general CPR course is always useful, but if you play a lot of sports or work in a gym or other athletic environment, you may want to consider a course that focuses on common strain injuries and teaches you how to tape joints and provide emergency response to athletes. Teachers and people working with minors frequently may want to look at a course tailored around providing emergency life support and first aid for teenagers and young children who may have different healthcare needs. It all depends on what kind of good you want to do.

What happens next is up to you. Sign up for a first aid course in your area and be a local hero. 

If you’re interested in taking a course, or have any other questions¬†contact us here.¬†

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