The New App that is Helping Diabetes Sufferers Better Manage Their Condition

For those suffering from type 2 diabetes, managing glucose levels is now easier than ever with a new app named GlucOracle. Developed to help those with diabetes overcome their biggest problem, it helps users predict the impact of particular food items on their blood sugar levels. The app is based on a personalised algorithm that was developed by researchers at Columbia University in New York, using a technique titled ‘data assimilation’ that measures the response that the body has to different types of food being ingested.

The app offers major benefits to those with type 2 diabetes, as they no longer need to live in constant fear of eating something that will send their glucose levels skyrocketing. It helps sufferers stay informed about what they’re eating, while also helping to prevent complications that can arise from having the condition.

GlucOracle is making life easier for diabetes sufferers — and it is easy to use too. Users can upload fingerstick blood measurements and photos of food to the app, as well as a general estimate of the nutritional content that the meal contains. After about a week of analysing your response to different foods, the app then begins providing predictions. Over a period of time, users learn more about the relationship between their diet and lifestyle and their glucose levels, and make the necessary changes in order to better maintain their health and quality of life.

While even the developers themselves have admitted that the app is not perfect, and should only be treated as a guide rather than a fully accurate medical advice, GlucOracle represents a fantastic way for type 2 diabetes sufferers to monitor their diet and intake in one centralised location. Doctors can also refer to the information collated by the app to better understand the health of their patients, much like Fitbit watches are used by medical professionals to monitor the heart activity of their patients.

Apps are getting smarter and smarter, so it’s exciting to see where apps such as GlucOracle can go. Smartphones have been gradually replacing everyday items like alarm clocks and calculators, so the prospect of them also replacing expensive medical equipment used to monitor your health is not too much of a stretch.

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