The Best Health Courses for Young People

At Wilson Medic One, we see firsthand just how much young people can benefit from taking a health course from a recognised education provider. There are many reasons why enrolling in such a program is a great idea; it can add distinguishable skills to your resume, allow you to aid in emergency situations or give you a taste of an industry that you might be considering as a career.

But what courses are most beneficial for young people to take part in? Look at the three suggestions below to learn more about the options that might be best suited to you.

Mental Health Awareness Course

Mental health is an undeniably important aspect of healthcare, and one that can affect young people quite severely. For this reason, a ​​mental health awareness course is a great opportunity to better understand the causes, symptoms and risks associated with mental illness such as depression, anxiety and psychosis, to name just a few. Our program goes for just half a day – perfect for those busy with school or work – and it aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to assist peers, friends, family and co-workers with common mental health problems. While it is certainly important for people of all ages to learn about the issues surrounding mental health, young people can provide much needed support with the skills developed in this course.

CPR course

In situations where someone is suffering a cardiac emergency, a CPR qualification will allow you to potentially save a life. By participating in a nationally recognised course, you will learn how to accurately identify circumstances where CPR is needed, as well as best practice techniques to use in different situations. Not only is this a great set of skills to have if you witness a cardiac emergency in everyday life, but it looks great on resumes too, as it shows employers that you have the capability to assist if there is ever such an issue in the workplace.

First Aid Course

A first aid course is the perfect way to arm yourself with practical healthcare skills without needing to spend days or weeks in a classroom. At Wilson Medic One, our industry recognised first aid course is done over one day and teaches you all you need to know when it comes to recognising and responding to urgent, life threatening situations through various techniques, including CPR. Having a valid first aid qualification can open up a variety of opportunities to young people, including different job roles and the ability to gain some basic understanding of whether they would enjoy studying and working in the healthcare industry.

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