The Benefits of Taking a Mental Health Awareness Course

Mental health issues are becoming increasingly common in the Australian community, effecting people of all ages, backgrounds, genders and abilities without discrimination. While these problems are often considered ‘taboo’, the best way to help those who are suffering with some form of mental health issue is to be informed and aware of the problem and how it can manifest.

A mental health awareness course is a great way to go about this, arming you with an array of skills and knowledge that will ensure you are better equipped to support those around you. Here are 4 benefits of taking one of these courses…

​Provides a better understanding of how mental illness can affect a person’s life

Mental illness such as depression, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and psychosis can affect every aspect of a person’s life – and unfortunately, this is a fact that many people are still not aware of. Attending a course on mental health will give you the ability to see just how pervasive the problem can be to those who are experiencing it, and will allow you to develop a different perspective on all the ways that it can influence their lives.

It can help to reduce the stigma of mental illness

As mentioned earlier, mental illness isn’t widely talked about in many communities due to a lasting stigma that surrounds it. This stigma predominately comes from a lack of information, something that mental health awareness courses are helping to change. As more and more people choose to educate themselves with these opportunities, we will hopefully see a change in the way it is talked about in the community.

Gives you confidence when helping those who are suffering

These courses not only teach you theoretical knowledge about what mental illness is and how to recognise it, but it also equips you with the skills to assist those who might need it. Understanding the best ways to approach someone who may be experiencing mental health issues is incredibly important as it will ensure that they will feel safe and comfortable to open up about how they are feeling.

Helps you to recognise early signs and risks of mental illness

Like most illnesses, mental health problems come with their own set of warning signs and risk factors. Understanding what these look like and how they can manifest from person to person is a huge part of ensuring that those effected can get the help they need. By becoming more aware of what symptoms and warning signs to look out for, you will be more capable of recognising them in the people around you, allowing you to support them if need be.

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