The benefits of having a health compliant workplace

In today’s world, the majority of us spend more time in the workplace than we do anywhere else, so it makes sense that our workplaces should be as safe and healthy as possible. Having a health compliant workplace has a wide range of benefits that extend far beyond the obvious of being able to respond in an emergency. Workplace Health and Safety is designed to not only keep workers safe, they also protect employers and help create efficient, more harmonious environments for people to work in.


When it comes to creating productive workplaces, having healthy employees is essential. Avoiding simple risks within the workplace as part of a health and safety compliance works towards ensuring staff can work efficiently without having to alter their productivity to avoid being injured, particularly in high risk construction and industrial sites. Compliance surrounding issues such as fatigue monitoring and drug and alcohol screening also help ensure workers are in a fit state to work efficiently, ensuring employers are receiving the productivity they are paying for.


Workplaces that fail to maintain adequate health and safety standards, and appropriately qualified first aid staff not only risk the physical safety of their workers, they also risk damaging the mental wellbeing of their staff. Staff that feel their safety and wellbeing is not valued, or feel at risk within the workplace are more likely to build resentment toward their employers and engage in negative talk within staff groups. In addition to the basic health and safety compliance, workplaces who engage in a mental health awareness initiative such as the ABC Mental Health Awareness Course can show support and encouragement for staff struggling with mental health issues that may impact morale.


One of the greatest benefits for establishing a sound health and safety compliance strategy is introducing opportunity for responsibility and engagement within staff roles. Providing staff with the opportunity to upskill in workplace health training gives them the chance to become more engaged with workplace practices and create professional growth within their role. Examples of workplace training opportunities that assist in compliance include:

–          Occupational First Aid
–          Authorised Drug and Alcohol Screening
–          Provide First Aid in Remote Situations

As a registered training organisation and health services provider, Medic One offers a range of workplace courses and Industrial Health Services to help create policies and process solutions for health and safety compliant workplaces.


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