How to create a safe and supportive environment with ABC Mental Health Awareness Program

Just one of the many challenges of dealing with mental health is the common absence of physical symptoms. Where a flu, epilepsy, diabetes or any viral disease will present with markers that alert a sufferer to their illness, those struggling with mental health are often unable to identify they have a problem.

For this exact reason, mental health issues often go undetected, with those suffering not receiving the necessary support and care from the community around them. With the rate of mental illnesses increasing, it is becoming more and more important for workplaces, family, friends and the general community to be able to identify potential signs that someone close to them is having a difficult time. The good news is there are now excellent training courses to help build support within communities, especially the resource sector which is particularly vulnerable.

Building tools to increase awareness

In 2015, the Education and Health Standing Committee released a report investigating ‘The impact of FIFO work practices on mental health’ that found “mental health difficulties could have a prevalence rate of approximately 30 per cent amongst the FIFO workforce.”

The ABC Mental Health Awareness Course was specifically designed by leading medical and psychological experts to help friends, family and co-workers of those in the resources industry identify mental health problems. The course aims to give those within the industry, and the community around them, the tools to support and address mental health concerns.

The inquiry recommended that specific individuals within the industry receive mental health awareness training such as workers, supervisors and managers so they have the right tools to support co-workers suffering from issues including stress, anxiety, depression and more. Many of these issues can result in panic or anxiety attacks, with the course including tools to assist in these situations.

A resource that goes beyond the resources

While the course has been designed to help tackle the prevalence of issues within the resource sectors, as mental health does not discriminate the course can be customised to apply to any workplace, community or individual.

Incorporating a mental health awareness course into your workplace health and safety strategy, or simply as a community tool within schools or organisations, is an excellent way to bring light to mental health and to help create more inclusive, safe and accepting communities.The ABC Mental Health Awareness Course is a half day course, call 1300 262 000 to find out more.​​

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