How to become a paramedic with no qualifications

The occupation of a paramedic is one that attracts many people. It is commonly thought to be difficult to get in the Ambulance service, due to the grades required to enter a paramedicine course. However, there are many ways now to enter University with pathway options, which can allow those who did not sit a VCE or did not initially achieve the required marks to still get involved. 

What skills are involved with becoming a paramedic?

Before entering the field of paramedicine, it is important to understand some of the attributes required to succeed in the profession. Having an empathetic nature and highly developed communications skills are a must as well as the ability to work in a team. This ability is incredibly important out in the field, as is working on a team in ensuring the highest level of care can be achieved. Another attribute that many may overlook is having a good level of fitness and health. In certain emergencies time may be of the essence, so the ability to respond quickly is vital to help achieve the best possible result in the situation. More broadly having personal attributes such as resilience, adaptability and being able to work well under pressure are all valuable in this profession. If a person possesses the above attributes and the formal qualifications necessary then they too can be a paramedic. 

Paramedic course requirements

If you didn’t get into a paramedicine course after university or you have decided that being a paramedic is right for you then there are ways of entering the career path without having to complete VCE. To be eligible for Ambulance Victoria for example you must as a minimum be qualified with a Bachelor of Paramedic Science. These courses can be entered via pathways such a Diploma of Paramedical Science. This varies from state to state but paramedic qualifications typically require a Bachelor as a minimum. 

Is it right for you?

The choice to become a paramedic or not is one you need to look inside yourself and find the answer too. If you possess the character traits that would suit this position and can complete a Bachelor then this career may be a perfect fit for you. Being a paramedic can be one of the most rewarding job choices you can possibly make but it isn’t for everyone. Take time and find out if it is for you and where a career as a paramedic could take you!

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