Australian Government to Provide $6 million For Prostate Nurses

This year, over 16,000 Australian men are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, the most common form of disease affecting this demographic throughout the country. Although the five-year survival rate sits at a high 95%, more than 3000 people still die from this form of cancer every year.

To support this growing concern, the Federal Government has announced that almost $6 million dollars will be provided to hospitals and clinics in 15 locations throughout Australia. This budget will be used to continue the funding of 14 specialised prostate cancer nurses until the year 2020, with a focus on regional areas that require attention.

The scheme – which began in 2014 –provides crucial support for men living with prostate cancer, ensuring that they receive the care and information required during such a difficult time. Since the program’s inception, the 14 nurses have assisted almost 4000 men and their families.

This quality of care is simply invaluable to people suffering through the realities of cancer. Similar initiatives in the past have seen incredible benefits when it comes to cancer control and their psychological wellbeing, two areas which are intrinsically interlinked. Investing in dedicated nurses in hospitals throughout the country ensures that patients can access familiar and trusted coordinated care from the point of diagnosis onwards. As anyone who has experienced cancer themselves or watched a loved one go through it, cancer can be an incredibly isolating experience for those who do not have access to the appropriate care and services. With this funding from the Australian government, our hospitals will be more equipped to offer innovative, world-class care to those who need it.

As a company who understands the importance of specialised care and how it can benefit the patient, Wilson Medic One hopes that this is just the start of similar funding schemes. Not only does it provide much needed resources to those patients who need it most, but it allows our country’s passionate and dedicated health industry professionals to put their skills to good use.

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